Reconnect Families

parent and child reunification program

We are a group of experienced Marriage and Family Therapists, Counsellors, Divorce Coaches and Child Therapists dedicated to working with families where divorce and conflict has interrupted the parent/child relationship. We service Vancouver, New Westminster, Surrey and the Fraser Valley.

We take a child and family centred approach that promotes the wellbeing of all family members.

We are devoted to “outside the box” thinking and finding creative solutions to reduce family tension and bridge the gap between parent and child... to reConnect Families

Are you experiencing:

A child who resists seeing you or the other parent after divorce?
Disturbances or disruptions in the parent/child relationship after divorce?
Alienation or estrangement from your child?
High Conflict between co-parents?

What does reConnectFamilies do?

We offer a range of services:

  • A team approach to working with families
  • Support & education groups for parents
  • Individual support for parents & children
  • An in-home outreach worker
  • Intensive weekends

Through consultation with the family we match a therapist with each parent and the child or children.

We assign a Team Case Manager who will coordinate services and communicate with lawyers and the courts.

A Parenting Coordinator may be involved if required to keep the process on track as well as liaise with the courts.

Mission Statement:

We will offer the family a team of experienced and specialized counsellors who will provide each member of the family with therapeutic support, education, parenting skills, an understanding of family dynamics, and communication tools with which to support the reunification of family members. Depending on the needs of the family, each member of the family may be provided with a counsellor and the team of counsellors will also work with the family as a whole. Members of the team will meet together to share information in order to maintain the strength and integrity of the team as they work with the family towards reunification.



Are You:

Separated or divorced
Aliented from your child
Experience child resistance
In Conflict with your ex-partner

We Offer:

A Whole family approach
Co-parenting support
Educational Sessions
Weekend intensives
Individual Support
Child therapy

Contact Us

To initiate the therapeutic process with reConnectFamilies or enquire about it contact:

Contact: Bob Finlay MA, RCC
Case Manager
Phone: (604) 780-7945
E-mail: bobfinlay@shaw.ca