Stages of Family Therapy with ReConnectFamilies

  • 1.  Intake of Family - one of our therapists will interview the family members involved to establish what the needs of your family are.  We will also document and research any court involvement or court orders that are in place.  After this your intake therapist will meet with other members of ReConnect to establish a team of Therapists to work specifically with your family.An intake retainer is required for this process.

  • 2. Treatment Plan - At this stage your team of therapist will have met and will be introduced to you.  We will propose a Treatment Plan specifically designed for your family to reach the goals that you have stated.  We will involve any Lawyers that may be involved and commit to working with the Courts to fulfill any Court Order to reach the goals that the Court has recommended for your family.  This plan will also include summary of costs for Treatment.

  • 3. Contract - Our Team will write treatment goals into a Contract that will outline our work together.  The Contract will specify all aspects of treatment and expectations of both the Family and Therapeutic Team.  Signing a Contract is mandatory for our work with your family.

  • 4. Treatment/Therapy Program - Treatment will start with one to one meetings with the Family members and their specific Therapist.  We will move your family through stages of joint meetings between family members or one to one meetings as was recommended in the Treatment Plan.  There will be an effective blend of therapy sessions and activities for your family to participate in. During this stage there will be a consistent re-evaluation of Goals set out and constant communication between our Therapists and Family members to make sure we are on track and meeting your Family’s needs.

    If an intensive family weekend has been recommended for your family, the team will determine the best timing for it after the individual meetings and when relationships between family member and therapist have been established. 

    As needed or as indicated our therapists or in home worker will be used to:
    Supervise exchanges and oversee the transfer of a child/ren from the custodial to the non-custodial parent.
    Supervised visitations and observe parent and child visitation to ensure safe visits between non-custodial parents.
    Therapeutic supervision for families: we can provide parents with coaching during family visits/ interactions.

    For a more thorough description of the "in home" program: Click Here

  • 5. Follow-Up - When the Treatment and Therapy stages have been successfully done and Goals have been met, we offer a comprehensive Follow-Up phase where we monitor progress, offer additional support when needed and work to have your Family relating in a healthy way.

Fee Structure

There will be a non-refundable deposit of $1000 (minimum) for intake based on 5 hours of service. This fee could be higher or lower based on the complexity of your situation and/or the volume of information to be reviewed. We will determine the cost associated with each stage of the therapeutic process and establish a quote.